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24-Jan-2016 11:27

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He's speaking out for gay rights regularly on Stephanie Miller's show and railing against Prop 8 and homophobia in his stand-up.

I know he made the 'kissing a dog' comment during QAF but I think his actions have shown he's not actually homophobic.

Lately I think he is implying that Randy is great and Gale is the only one he has a problem with.I've been hearing that Hal Sparks (he of QAF and mediocre stand-up comedy routines)has spoken out and said that 2 of his former QAF cast mates are still 'in the closet'. And should Hal have outed his former cast members like that?(Let the speculation about whom Hal may have been referring to begin!That's interesting, 'cos I vaguely remember reading an interview with Bobby Gant and he said something about the cast partying at Gale and Randy's place.. And what did the rest of the cast/crew make of their off-screen affair?

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)I think the answer to your question, OP, is Hal Sparks should always keep his mouth shut - in public anyway.

He thinks saying fuck a lot makes his "comedy" edgy. For many years Sparks has been making bitchy remarks about former colleagues Gale Harold and Randy Harrison.

If you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all.” “Yes, but I’ve never been to one.… continue reading »

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