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05-Mar-2016 02:17

It is important to keep in mind that the price of publicly traded social networking stocks are affected by a wide range of stock market forces, from overall stock market sentiment to individual company developments to changes in technology, that may have an impact the value and price of the stocks. It opens up facebook to a hot social networking sector that apparently is used by a lot of young users. The big winners in technology over the decades: IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.These price-impacting market forces may or may not be related to the company's social networking activities. kept their edge by innovating and staying ahead of the curve, which sometimes meant buying out smaller companies that provided them an edge.Match is owned by IAC, the media conglomerate helmed by Barry Diller, which also controls a variety of other digital companies like and Vimeo.

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This article provides a list of publicly traded social networking stocks and an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that holds a basket of publicly traded social networking stocks, allowing an investor to gain broad exposure to the social networking stock sector. I'm not sure whether I'd invest in Facebook even if I could. Depending on its current price, I might invest in Linkedin, that operates in a whole different market, and can't see anyone seriously challenging it. I think the Instagram purchase by Facebook is a good thing both materially and strategically.

Disclaimer: This article was not written by a financial professional or a registered financial advisor.

This article is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be solicitation or recommendation to purchase any stocks, ETFs, or securities mentioned herein. Social networking is definitely one of the best ways to drive traffic to Hubs, especially since the people you share Hubs with sometimes also share your Hubs. I will most certainly take notes on some of these networks.

Therefore, buying any of these stocks should only be considered after performing proper financial due diligence on the stock or ETF one is considering investing in. The rushed manner in which the Instagram purchase by Facebook was carried out is concerning, as you don't want to see them make mistakes by rushing a deal.

Additionally, proper precautions should be taken, including using stop loss orders and limiting the size of exposure to any one social networking stock to limit the potential for losses due to unexpected outcomes. However, with the fast evolving social networking sector, perhaps they had to rush it to avoid getting into a bidding war.The paperwork also reveals that Match agreed in July 2015 to acquire Plenty Of Fish, another online dating site, for 5 million.

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