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His conclusion was that the Sphinx and a nearby temple show massive water erosion.This would mean that they were standing when the Giza area had a lot of rain, at least 8,000 years ago.Despite determined efforts by conventional archeology, no real explanation as to how this structure could be built has been offered.Both in size and precision it is the greatest architectural achievement of the human race, and yet it stands at the beginning of known civilization.designed a small robot that explored the two small passages that lead from the queen's chamber of the great pyramid in Egypt, the Upuaut project.

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Fully in the conventional camp, he has been criticized for his slowness in approving projects - the chamber under the Sphinx, found by ground penetrating radar years ago, is still un-opened for example, at least publicly.Yet one must wonder, if the plateau was a major spiritual center for thousands of years before the first dynasties, as some speculate, why burials from those times are not being found.Ph D from Yale in geology and geophysics, was recruited by John Anthony West to examine the geologic weathering on the Great Sphinx of Egypt.Deep in one passage the robot found what appears to be a small door.

Recently a series of tunnels has begun to be explored, tunnels that appear to be conduits for water - water from the west, not from the current location of the Nile east of the site.The Nile did previously flow west of the Giza plateau, but geologists place the time of that long before the known occupation of Giza.