Qualities to look for in a man when dating

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That's where I come in, that's my unique position, I'm that male source." Steve is a relationship and personal development coach.

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Steve Nakamoto is the "The Voice of the Other Half." He helps women understand men in love relationships so they can find love and keep it by knowing what men think about, and what they need and want from a relationship. Steve is "The Voice of the Other Half." When asked how he helps women with their love relationships he responds, "I help women gain the extra clarity they need to figure out the men in their love lives.Learn how location and whom you choose to be with affects your chances of finding quality single men. Equally important is to know which locations to avoid.I call this "Favorite Fishing Holes: Where the Big Ones Are Biting! Some places have bad energy, sleazy activities, and the wrong kind of people.Two women together are more likely to meet two men together.

Smart women will choose a variety of combinations to both feel comfortable and stretch their comfort zones.That means there will be times when she can go alone, with two, three or four friends, or with a combination of male and female friends.