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04-Nov-2015 12:22

I think people who say "love at first sight" don't realize all the information they're taking in that they're not coding. Everybody has to keep looking until they have that exact experience and many will be misled by it, especially if sexual attraction is involved.You can feel like something is real and your partner is "the one" and then all the other details come out, and things change.You discover a flaw and you say "Oh my God, oh my God," instead of thinking, , and working with it. " And to see if you can get your list down to a few core qualities that make you happy, whether it's honesty or a sense of humor or ambition—everything else is superfluous.MC: Can you talk about this idea you've written about that, "looking for a soulmate friendship is bound to make us miserable"?

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They highlight the examples that worked rather than the ones that failed. That information can amount to attraction, but it's not like there's a one-and-only, as if you saw them and everything was guaranteed thereafter. Some of them experienced "love at first sight." But there is not just one perfect person.

Ultimately, there are qualities people are drawn to: The way somebody's eyes sparkle, a certain physical look to them, the way they dress. With justification you can say "my prince" or "my queen" and "I found her right away," but those people were just dumb lucky.

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