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06-Mar-2015 09:54

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If our compatibility ranking did not score 3 or 4 notes (a high or good likelihood of compatibility, according to my system), I bowed out of the date whenever possible. When I began only to date men who shared my interest in music and a high compatibility score, it didn't matter if I felt no romantic spark on the first date. The conclusion was clear: music plays a big role in predicting how well two people will get along for the long-term.

And, I found that listening to the same music is NOT essential for a couple to get along; rather, their enthusiasm for music needs to be similar. At most, it might help you find a healthy, loving relationship with someone who brings out your best. Many years ago I began collecting music quiz results from couples.

Just indicate you want “music recommendations & friendship” in your profile.

If you haven't noticed, you get along better with people who like music the same amount as you. Your result tells the compatibility system which members you'll get along with the best. Find meaningful relationships in unexpected places. Display your Music Personality badge on your email signature, blog or social network profile and find your Sound Matches all over the web. Look for the green notes next to each of your matches. Being single, I also did a lot of "field testing," meaning I began to closely examine the music lifestyle of the men I dated to see how well we got along and how connected I felt. Of course, the music we like to listen to is important. Visitors of your page can play the music for free and vice versa. You are likely to discover new music you will love. They experience the world in a similar way as you, and so you have a better chance of getting along. The day after an awful date (with a man who listened only to 80's hair bands), I was convinced that music could predict compatibility and I set out to prove my theory. (It is not important that you listen to or like the same music.) See our compatibility indicator. Those years gave me the chance to closely observe a variety of music personalities.Repeatedly, I saw a correlation between the couples' test scores and the strength of their relationships.

Then, I took a look at the connection I had with these people.

You could get a 4-note match (high likelihood) with someone who likes different music than you. I noticed dramatic differences in personality between people who were passionate about music versus people who were in the music business just for the glamour of it, and who did not listen to music in their free time.