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09-Dec-2014 12:23

She has participated in house pool, followed by a short-lived fling.

Apparently Evelyn’s head wasn’t in the game because it was elsewhere, and thus, caused her to lose.

Strengths: Obliterating her competition in one fell swoop in any physical test.

As a young teenager obsessed with pop culture, life seemed incredibly unfair when my parents refused to get a cable subscription so that I could lose myself in MTV.

Greedy, phony twenty-somethings with nothing else going for them in life but drinking heavily and taking steroids in order to win a crap-load of money.

Since there are usually a handful of out contestants, too, there’s plenty of gay drama to keep me satisfied, too.

One thing is for sure, though: Evelyn is a fierce competitor (and has great arms).

MTV describes her as “arguably the strongest woman to ever play the game,” and with her dynamite team of bulging biceps and schemers who really need to find a grown-up job, perhaps Evelyn will come out victorious.

This season, past competitor and multiple challenge winner, Evelyn Smith, is the sole lesbian holding down the fort.have pitted the aforementioned cohort of cast members against one another for an all out ovaries-to-the-wall battle, complete with backstabbing, betrayal and beautiful people hooking up. 30, MTV will debut its latest creation, , which distinguishes the seasoned, surreptitious veterans from the green newbies in two teams of “Champions” and “Challengers,” respectively.This time around, there are 0,000 up for grabs and chances every week to steal money from opponents and send them packing.From this profile you will find 3 photos, 21 lists, 7 film credits, 3 news stories, 5 relationships, and key facts about Rachel Robinson!

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Thankfully, even if I couldn’t get my MTV at my own home, my grandparents had just moved to a condo building that had cable included whether you liked it or not.

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