Radgrid not updating on rebind

13-Jun-2016 15:26

It shows the group name, and also an Edit and a Delete button. This is a seperate ASPX page that shows up in the Rad Window.

It displays a list of "groups" that members belong to. When you click a button to edit a group, we launch a new form in a Rad Window.

Hi, If you set the Auto Generate Columns property to false and you do not have manually defined columns there will be no columns in Rad Grid.

Since there are no columns there will be no records because records are cells of given columns.

This topic lists which internal grid commands make an implicit call to the Rebind() method of Rad Grid in order to refresh the control's content and fetch the latest information from the grid source.

Here is the complete list of commands that trigger Rebind(): When Rad Grid's View State is turned off, the Need Data Source event does not fire after any of the above listed commands.

Since there are no rows in the Grid the No Records To Display message will be shown.

How do you expect the Grid to be shown when there are no columns?

radgrid not updating on rebind-68

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All it really does is re-set the Data Source of the grid (so we pickup the changes that we just saved to the database) and also calls a Grid. The problem I'm having is that, while everything appears to be executing, the changes don't appear on the grid until you refresh the page.

This is because (I believe) that even though we changed the Grid Data Source, no postback occurs, and so, nothing new is displayed.

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