Radiocarbon dating recent applications and future potential

10-Jan-2015 21:17

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Basics, principles and wider applications of dendrochronology are well described [], and history and recent progress of tropical dendrochronology is documented in recent reviews [2 and 3].In the last decades, the potential of stable-isotope signatures of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen in tree rings has been unravelled and applied to questions addressed in ecology, physiology and climate change studies [).To advance dendrochronology in Africa, collaborative efforts in capacity building of African universities and research organizations are needed.Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 2014, –53This review comes from a themed issue on Sustainability challenges Edited by Cheikh Mbow, Henry Neufeldt, Peter Akong Minang, Eike Luedeling and Godwin Kowero For a complete overview see the Dendrochronology is the discipline of dating tree rings to the year of their formation and using exactly dated tree rings for detecting environmental signals that are common for a population of trees.

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This information is crucial for sustainable natural forest management and to support decisions in agroforestry and reforestation efforts.

The presence of anatomically distinct, annual growth rings is the prerequisite for the development of correctly dated ring-width chronologies.