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07-Jan-2015 05:39

The Biber was hastily developed to help meet the threat of an Allied invasion of Europe.This resulted in basic technical flaws that, combined with the inadequate training of their operators, meant they never posed a real threat to Allied shipping, despite 324 submarines being delivered.One of the class's few successes was the sinking of the cargo ship Alan A. A number have survived in museums including one example that has been restored to operational condition.The torpedoes or mines were accommodated in semi-circular recesses in the side of the hull.Kasım ayında, Symbol, Yeni Megane Sedan, Yeni Megane HB ve Talisman modelleri dışındaki Renault binek otomobillerin perakende satın alımlarında, 20.000 TL ve 15 aya, 24.000 TL ve 12 aya, 12.000 TL ve 24 aya kadar %0* faiz oranı sunulmaktadır.

Armed with two externally mounted 21-inch (53 cm) torpedoes or mines, they were intended to attack coastal shipping.

They were the smallest submarines in the Kriegsmarine.