Reasons for backdating income support My free dirty cam

27-Dec-2014 05:12

You will have to demonstrate good cause throughout the period for which you are requesting backdating. The burden of proving good cause rests with you as the customer, however, the Benefits Service will consider all of the relevant facts in each case.We may request to see evidence if your reasons relate to medical illness or delays caused by a third party.We will decide whom to recover the overpayment from after looking at the reasons that led to the overpayment.

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An official error is a mistake that the Benefits Service, the Department for Work and Pensions or Jobcentre Plus make and you could not reasonably be expected to know about.The Benefits Service can recover the overpayment from the claimant or the person/organisation to whom the Benefit was paid.You should get a decision on the day of the Tribunal. This appeal will only succeed if you can show the tribunal is incorrect in law. To help you do this, you must apply for a full statement of reasons to the Appeals Service within one month of getting your decision. You may be able to claim expenses to get to and from the Tribunal hearing and you may be able to get: If you are a working age customer it will be necessary for you to establish good cause for your backdate request.This means that you will have to give full explanations of the reasons why you did not submit your application at the time you wish your claim to be paid from.

The Appeals Service can arrange for your appeal to be at your home if you are too ill to travel.You will need a note from your doctor stating you are too ill to travel.