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We had great chemistry a million years ago, and we have a great chemistry now.Greg and I are good personal friends, and I do care for him and his wife and children outside of work.It was hard to hear the news, and selfishly I loved being with him as Elizabeth and Lucky. (Laughs) MICHAEL: What on earth to you think drives her to do the things she does?I know it’s hard to get a job out there, and it stinks. REBECCA: I think they are hoping to explore that, and little by little figure out what makes her tick that is causing her to have this breakdown. She has a lot of story and a lot of layers to pull from right now.MICHAEL: Perhaps something happened, and she had not felt worthy or….? It’s easier to show it off than hide behind purses.

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You just don’t see the rug being pulled out from under your feet as easily as it can be. So, I think we are going to see her start chipping away at things.MICHAEL: I am hoping it is revealed that there is something in her past; either with men, being abandoned or abused… REBECCA: You know, (ponders) you were hoping for that? I think Elizabeth has some major issues, and she has been hoping we could attribute it to something in her past, like some man.With Jackson back, the stage was set for this triangle to explode and it has. ) she is having a nervous breakdown and is trying to rest at Shadybrook sanitarium, but the girl can’t get any peace. For starters, her nemesis Helena Cassadine is back and ready to do some pretty hideous things to Liz’s life, or so it would seem.Then, Nikolas and Lucky are pulled in by the fact that neither knows who the father of her unborn baby is. ” And what did you think of Jonathan’s performance? She totally deserved it, so it did not make it that hard for me to play.

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, Elizabeth Webber fell for the brother of her (seemingly) all time love, Lucky. Once Nikolas and La Liz hit the sheets, tables and floors, the young nurse and mother of two and her good girl status, seemed to be tarnished forever.In the midst of this storyline, the GH powers-that-be also made a startling switch, by firing Greg Vaughan as Lucky and re-introducing and welcoming back to the fold, the original Lucky, Jonathan Jackson.