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01-Jul-2016 05:59

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Is the sphinx the product of the ancient Egyptian civilization?Or is it possible that this incredible monument was constructed by an ancient civilization much older than the Egyptian?These Stelle reads: The Sphinx stela shows, in line thirteen, the cartouche of Khephren.I believe that to indicate an excavation carried out by that prince, following which, the almost certain proof that the Sphinx was already buried in sand by the time of Khafre and his predecessors.From that day until today, the idea that the Sphinx belongs to the time of Pharaoh Khufu has remained unchanged and mainstream archaeology has not been willing to suggest any other theories explaining the great Sphinx and its origin.This majestic monument was carved from a single block of stone, yet there are no written documents that could tell us much about its origin or purpose.

Around 18 Captain Giovanni Battista Caviglia performed excavations at the Sphinx and surrounding temples.Due to the proximity to the Pyramid of Khafre, the great sphinx was quickly linked to the figure of the pharaoh of the fourth dynasty, claiming that the face of the Sphinx actually is that of Khufu.

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