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28-Apr-2016 12:24

One of the things I observed was that most people are afraid of being hurt...again.

They conceptually know that they have to be open and vulnerable to be able to move into a new relationship, but most were not at a place where they felt comfortable to do so.

In most cases, our sense of normal is what we grew up with so that is our benchmark and that is what we look for and accept in our adult relationships.

Sadly, we usually find out way too late that we have made a mistake.

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A new type profile that focuses on love and relationships based on cognitive functions.This is one of only two profiles that I’ve found that go into INTJ inter-personal relationships beyond “they’re not good at them.” I disagree with one or two of the conclusions that are drawn in this article, but the logic is all sound, and it’s a good place to start for people who are still trying to figure out the role of cognitive functions in type.

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