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18-Sep-2016 17:06

However the design plan can be executed / simulated cross multiple boxes.

Data Center is represented as /Users/jeeva/dc-1 Solr home for respective Solr Node(s) /Users/jeeva/dc-1/solr/home1 /Users/jeeva/dc-1/solr/home2 /Users/jeeva/dc-1/solr/home3 Tomcat 7 home for respective Solr Node(s) /Users/jeeva/dc-1/tomcat1 /Users/jeeva/dc-1/tomcat2 /Users/jeeva/dc-1/tomcat3 Solr Cloud Configuration Directory /Users/jeeva/dc-1/config-files Solr Zk CLI [Command Line Interface] Libraries /Users/jeeva/dc-1/solr-cli-lib Every organization is unique and has its own requirement and hence create Solr configuration files adhering to the unique business requirements of the the organization.

Of-course every Solr deployment is unique in nature around the world with its schema (fields and data structure), solrconfig (analyzers, tokenizers, etc), stopwords, Boosting & Blocking, synonyms, etc.

Create your own solr configurations and place it in a directory.

Zk CLI -cmd linkconfig -collection europe-collection -confname myconf -zkhost localhost:2181,localhost:2182,localhost:2183,localhost:2184,localhost:2185 cd /Users/jeeva/zookeeper/zk-server-1/bin mac-book-pro:bin jeeva$ ./zk -server localhost:2181 Connecting to localhost:2181 2012-10-21 ,792 [myid:] - INFO  [main: [email protected]] - Client environment:zookeeper.version=3.4.4-1386507, built on 09/17/2012 GMT .... It would take more number of steps to understand the Solr Cloud cluster deployment.

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Collection & Shard are logical elements in the Solr Cloud cluster, multiple Solr core(s) collective brings Solr Cloud formation. The above described design plan is going to be executed in a single box as for as this article is concerned.

The server instances will be simulated within the same box.