Ri dating

22-Dec-2015 23:05

The state’s original founders were thrown out of the Massachusetts Bay colony for demanding religious freedom for minorities and the separation of church and state.Today, Rhode Island has legalized same-sex marriage and medical marijuana.Rhode Island is tiny but what it lacks in square milage it more than makes up for in ridiculous numbers of scenic bays, sandy beaches, and quaint seaside cities.The Ocean State has capitalized on its lengthy shoreline to create a romantic paradise.Rhodies can think for themselves, which makes them excellent romantic partners and all-around interesting human beings.So if your sweetheart happens to be a Rhode Islander, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share a delicious coffee cabinet while dreaming about the future.With a strong artistic community and the Rhode Island School of Design in their backyard, Rhodies know beauty when they see it.Gallery Night Providence is always popular with young lovers, and not just for the free cheese and wine.

Rhode Islanders eat clams any way they can get them—clam chowder, clam cakes, clam fritters, clam...pizza?

You’ll never be short on shellfish when you’re dating a Rhodie, that’s for sure.

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