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There is an extended commercial version (released in print or for download) with 10 extra pages and added artwork. Action resolution is by stat + skill + 3d6 vs difficulty. 92 pages free rules (PDF or RTF), plus ~60 pages supplements and variants (RTF format). Action resolution is based on spending Luck, Discipline, and Revelation points.

Skill lower difficulty, while attributes add to the total. There are four free setting books, 20-30 pages each: a modern-day monster-hunter setting ("The Shaded Veil"), a dystopian sci-fi setting ("Overworld"), a modern conspiracy/horror setting ("Harlequinade"), and a medieval Europe setting ("The Kingdom of Norweign").

A post-apocalypse science fantasy setting, with various alien races mixed with tribal humanity. A humorous narrative space opera RPG, where players define their PC with a one-word Style, and roll 1d6 to enact plot changes to get both success/failure and a random Word of Science to incorporate into the plot. An RPG where the PCs are 60's secret agents fighting the supernatural -- Austin Powers meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the Avengers and Hammer Horror.

Character creation is by selecting a "heritage" (i.e.

race) and a trade (profession package), and spending a number of reward points on increasing four attributes (Body, Mind, Sense and Spirit) and/or additional trades. Resolution is by rolling a number of d10s and summing the total with stat to compare to a target number. 100.) Character creation is by choosing a number of selections from race and profession, included in the Excel file. It uses (2d12)x10 + 1d10 for its base roll, and involves skills, professions, and other world-specific items being written out on cards. A scifi horror RPG about humans in an alternate 1950s - who discover and resist Section 44, a robotic conspiracy that threatens to replace all of humanity.

It includes a magic system divided into eight sources (Body, Earth, Fire, Mind, Sense, Spirit, Water, and Wind). Higher task difficulty increases the number of d10s rolled but increases the target number even more. There is no setting per se, but there are 24 races described - including many monstrous ones. Play proceeds in 4 rounds where in a round each player frames one scene.

Characters may be replaced by robots, in which case they continue to play and work to replace the others.

In addition, there are three commercial settings: Heart Quest, CORPS, and Dreamwalker.

Character creation is limited point-based, with players assigning 6 points among three qualities (Resolve, Contact, and Material), 3 points among Bonds (other people), and 4 points among player-defined Anxieties.

Resolution is scene-based, with player and GM rolling a number of d6s for stat + modifiers, and taking the highest result, +1 for every tie for highest. A universal system, whose version 1.1 is released under the Wot C Open Gaming License.

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