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09-May-2016 04:54

Damien Chazelle’s romantic drama, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, will open in limited release on Dec. “La La Land,” distributed by Summit Entertainment, dazzled during its festival run, stealing the spotlight at the Telluride Film Festival, Venice Film Festival (kicking off the fest), and Toronto Film Festival, where it won the audience award.

9 — seven days after its previously scheduled launch. Stone, meanwhile, nabbed the Venice Film Festival’s best actress prize for her role as aspiring actress/playwright Mia.

No details about the Foster-De Witt episode were immediately revealed.

Season 3 of the show became available on Netflix on Friday.

actress Rosemarie De Witt will star in the Season 4 story.

Production is to begin later this year and the installment will stream in 2017.

is the most audacious big-screen musical in a long time, and — irony of ironies — that’s because it’s the most traditional.” The ode to Los Angeles and Old Hollywood follows a couple — Mia and struggling jazz pianist Sebastian (Gosling) — whose relationship begins to fade as their careers blossom. But otherwise, dating unavailable guys — EB: It's just useless. Whether they're nice or mean, they can get away with murder if they're funny. It's interesting though — I have a really good friend who lived in L. "Each stand-alone episode is a sharp, suspenseful tale exploring themes of contemporary techno-paranoia," a synopsis said.Rosemarie, you've starred opposite some pretty different male leads. RD: I kissed some of my friends' older brothers. Lynn, you've set several films in the Northwest. LS: The problem is I don't have anything to compare it with.

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There's Don Draper, who's dashing but unavailable. But it doesn't make sense for your personal life. EB: Ewan's incredibly warm and interested, and he loves chicks. RD: Well, they dress differently out there, to lure you in. She was a gorgeous girl, like Rita Hayworth, and she had a great career. Then there's Jack in this movie, who's a little lost, but more open. RD: I watch a lot of women date unavailable men, and it doesn't make any sense. LS: I think when you're rebounding, it's always good to date an unavailable guy, because you don't want to get right back into a relationship. LS: That's what's always killed me, throughout my life. LS: With Humpday, I wanted to give a glimpse into the polyamorous, sex-positive subculture in the city. EB: You guys are still in the '60s out there; it's fantastic.

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