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05-Sep-2015 09:29

Every time I try to open an image with the default Photos app in Windows 10, it shows a black window and after a few seconds I get this error: Then the app closes and the image doesn't show up.If I open the Photos app directly, it just closes after a few seconds more, but no error is shown. I've tried to do a clean install of Windows again, and it worked the first time I opened the app.When Batch Patch was designed one of the fundamental tenets was to keep it as simple as possible while also being extremely functional and effective.It was and still is very important to us to make sure that Batch Patch is easy and intuitive to use.Once I closed it, after just downloading a few programs (but not installing any of them), it's not working, again.The network was initially set to public, but changing it to private did not solve the problem. Additionally my settings app crashes when I try to change the default app for pictures so I can not try your solution.

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C:\Users\Administratorping time.Pinging time.microsoft.[.22] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Whether that's possible with Server 2008 I can't say. Its probably so that if you DID get time related wierdness regularly , you will get off your rear and work out why its happening - its often due to a dead or weak bios battery. use the public NTP Pool or the USNO Master Clock for time synchronization.

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. However, rather than format and reinstall from scratch I would first try in in-place reinstall, which generally leaves most settings and configurations intact.