Rrd error updating

14-Aug-2015 13:50

rrd error updating-34

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or is it simple a thread-safe call to rrd_update and I am the one who should spawn a thread and execute rrd_update_r() in it?

Hellos, I've inherited what I believe is a fairly stock OMD implementation which generally works very well We do keep seeing a problem whereby /omd/sites/default/var/pnp4nagios/log/shows: 2016-10-03 [29570] [0] RRDs::update /omd/sites/default/var/pnp4nagios/perfdata/pglive/Postgres_Database_Size_1475505669700408 2016-10-03 [29570] [0] RRDs::update ERROR rrdcached: illegal attempt to update using time 1475505633.000000 when last update time is 1475505642.000000 (minimum one second step) We have three monitoring boxes deployed, one in each of our locations and we see the problem sporadically on all of them. It sometimes crops up every 11-12 minutes, but then not for hours.

The problem seems to affect certain service checks more than it does others.

rrd error updating-44

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This error suggests a new timestamp of 1475504073 could not be inserted because last update timestamp is 1475504082, however the last timestamp I recorded from the XML was 1475504013, exactly 60 seconds prior to the result to which the failing update relates.I have also secured contiguous perfdata files from the pnp4nagios/spool directory and checked all the data for a failing update, the timestamp which is reported in the error as being the existing later timestamp does not even exist.

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