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07-Nov-2014 01:33

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We have seen it in the movies and out in the real world. It helps them make an informed decision and find the right match.That seasoned gentleman with a beautiful younger woman on his arm. Many men may wish to be that man someday, while many women may wish to have a sugar daddy of their own. Women deserve to have that strapping man holding their hand and caring for their needs as well. Women deserve to enjoy the affection that comes with that, and men deserve to feel the singular attention of an older woman that is special, yet unexplainably blissful. Below are some essential protocols to keep in mind when dating a sugar momma. Outline an Agreement Once you have found the right match where you both agree the connection is there, the next step is to outline specifics of your relationship.

Do The Work and Stay In The Game Dating a sugar momma is a lot like dating in general.

So portray yourself genuinely to get the right match. If you say you are a savvy business man, show up in business attire, not shorts and a t-shirt.

Be Honest Up Front If you are dating a sugar momma, you may be doing so because you are successful or ambitious and do not want to waste time with women your age. Sugar mommas will appreciate this honesty so they know exactly what they are getting into.

Then when you find the right person, the rest is smooth and fun. In this light, set boundaries on your availability, what kinds of gifts you like, what you need help with such as college tuition, vacations, housing, a mentorship, or the like.

Dating a sugar momma means that they can sniff a phony a mile away.

The more specific you make the agreement, the easier it is for each person to know what they are responsible for in the relationship.

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