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1969: Richard Hallebeek (Dutch jazz fusion guitarist). 1965: Alasdiar Ma Caulay (drums, percussion, trumpet; Tindersticks).

1962: Lee Mavers (rhythm guitar, lead vocals; La's).

1961: Graham Dye (UK singer/songwriter, guitarist; Scarlet Party; The Alan Parsons Project).

1961: Cold 187um/Gregory Fernan Hutchinson (American rapper; Above the Law).

1953: Marjo/Marjolène Morin (Quebec singer) 1951: Andrew Gold (US singer, songwriter, composer, multi-musician) 1993: Yurina Kumai (Japanese singer) 1987: Kim Hyung Joon (Korean singer; SS501) 1985: Holly Blake-Arnstein (US vocalist; Dream) 1984: Chris Maurer (US bass player; Suburban Legends) 1980: Brandan Schieppati (US singer; Bleeding Through) 1978: Joi Chua (Singaporean singer) 1970: Stephen Carpenter (US lead guitarist, Deftones).

1978: Dhani Harrison (UK singer, guitarist, synthesizer, piano; thenewno2/son of George Harrison) 1977: Damien Saez (French musician, songwriter, author).

1972: Nicke Royale/Niklas Andersson (Swedish multi-musician; The Hellacopters). 1968: Dan Donegan (US guitarist; Vandal/Disturbed). 1964: Nick Christian Sayer (UK guitarist; Transvision Vamp).

1961: Pete De Freitas (Spanish drummer; Echo And The Bunnymen) 1961: Graham Dye (UK singer, songwriter, guitarist; Scarlet Party/The Alan Parsons Project) 1960: Neal Morse (US multi-instrumentalist, prog rock composer; Spock's Beard/Transatlantic) 1960: David Yow (US singer; Scratch Acid/The Jesus Lizard) 1959: Apollonia Kotero (US singer, actress) 1957: Mojo Nixon/Neill Kirby Mc Millan, Jr (US singer, guitarist).

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) 1989: Tiffany/Stephanie Hwang (American-born South Korean singer; Girls' Generation). 1981: Ashley Parker Angel (US singer; O-Town/musicals).1978: Jonathan Wilkes (UK singer, songwriter, actor).1964: Adam Duritz (US vocals, piano; Counting Crows). 1963: Dean Wareham (New Zealand singer, guitarist; Galaxie 500, Luna, Dean and Britta).1960: Chuck D/Carlton Douglas Ridenhour (US vocalist, rapper; Public Enemy). 1959: Otomo Yoshihide (Japanese multi-musician; Ground Zero). 1958: Robert Buck (US lead guitarist;10,000 Maniacs/League of Blind Women) 1945: Sandi Griffiths (American singer, TV personality).

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1943: Geoffrey ''Geoff'' Britton (UK drummer; East of Eden/Wings/Manfred Mann's Earth Band).1942: Jerry Garcia (US guitar, vocals, Grateful Dead) 1972: Justyna Steczkowska (Polish singer). 1969: Hellhammer/Jan Axel Blomberg (Norwegian drummer; Dimmu Borgir, Winds, Mayhem).

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