Russian dating anti scan

20-Jun-2016 20:36

Because of reason she had no visa we decided to go to Egypt. I look on internet and I saw suddenly her pictures and profile standing on many dating sites. I have never seen before when I searched on her name time by time on internet.

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The rest of the year 2011 I keep sent her money every time she asked me.I sent her the money because she makes me believe she was busy with her visa. Natali has been going out until 4 oclock in the morning. I had to make me very angry to them because I wanted not risk my live or health problems.Money for English lessons, doctors, hospital, money for support, rent apartment, computer, different times money for visa, etc. Together with her sister, Natalya convinced me to buy leader and fur coats. Because of a new visa demand In 2010 I keep sent money. She was staying in my house but wouldnt sleep with me in one bed. After 2 weeks in Belgium she had to go back to Ukraine because the mother of her best girlfriend died?Price of all the present she asked in 14 days 3.000 included little trips to Amsterdam and Germany.

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I must pay for that man and he should arrange everything. I found out that the normal price for the hotel was 1.600 for 3 persons. I escape to the Egyptian man who told me everything before.The day she must receive her visa she call me and told me that her visa was refuse. I called the embassy of Belgium and they say me there was no visa request? They made arrangements with local vendors to get the price double. Once I was back in Belgium I found out Natali was a real gold-digger or pro-dater.