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kicks off its eleventh season on Wednesday, and while the series can't be said to be in its prime anymore — the judges don't really critique anymore, and the whole enterprise might be well served by starting the competition at 16 dancers rather than the traditional 20 — it's still your go-to program if you're looking for top-notch dancing on TV.

You almost couldn't see it because of her pink dress, but boy you could hear it.

Runner-Up: The softness of some of Napoleon and Tabitha's routines began turning purists off to a degree that the show began branding certain routines as "lyrical hip hop," a blend of harder hip hop with more emotionally accessible contemporary.

They'd been doing it all along, though, starting with Katee and Joshua's "No Air" in season four.

They manage to produce enough objectively fantastic routines to justify their tendency to repeat themselves or smooth out hip hop's edges (see next category).

Their best true hip hop has been in group routines (season four's "Closer"; season five's "Seven Nation Army") or when working with great hip-hoppers in their own right: Russell and Kathryn's "I Can Transform Ya"; Twitch and Lauren's "My Chick Bad"; Comfort and Jasmine's "Run the World." Topping these all was another collaboration with Twitch, wherein they unearthed some swag out of a ballet dancer ...Routines flirted with being overwrought (Comfort and Adechike's "Fallin'") or syrupy (Jess and Clarice's "Just the Way You Are," choreographed by Christopher Scott), but they more often than note hold the line, like with Melanie and Marko's sweet "I Got You." The best remains one of the first, from season four ...

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