Sadie frost dating

15-Mar-2016 19:55

With Tom already unable to contain his jealousy over Charity, Sadie put in the final dose of poison by giving him the incriminating photos on his wedding day.

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Jimmy was a simple man who wanted a big family and his pretty wife by his side.Knowing that Jimmy’s rejection meant her position in the King family was threatened, Sadie began to hatch a plan to ensure Charity Tate never became Tom’s wife.Employing a private detective to trail Charity, Sadie bribed her ex-lover Cain Dingle to get Charity in a compromising position.Sadie, however, had other ideas and had contraceptive injections behind his back.

When he forced the issue, Sadie came clean but her deception jeopardised their marriage, with a devastated Jimmy furiously demanding a divorce.

Charity decided to wage war against her nemesis by sleeping with Jimmy and videotaping the whole event!

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