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19-Oct-2015 08:39

One of the reasons some people use online dating sites is due to the demands that their work puts on their lifestyle.

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Even in native English speaking countries, or those where Western culture has had a strong influence, there are important differences.George Bernard Shaw once wrote that England and America were 'two nations separated by a common language'.Whatever their motivation, many find an international dating site the perfect solution to their needs. India is a very big percentage of that membership, but Spain, the Philippines, Russia and every other part of the globe is represented as well.That enlarged and more varied group of individuals makes for a dating site with many advantages, not least of which is the potentially sheer greater number of members.

Even in that case, the cultural differences can be profound.

That difference widens when you consider countries as different as, say, Russia and India. Most people don't have the money to hop around the globe on a whim. For most members, it will take considerable planning and careful execution to follow up on any prospect at an international dating site.

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