Sagittarius dating tips no 1 dating

16-Jun-2016 07:13

The Sagittarius guy or gal is friendly, and have a social curiosity that makes them seem possibly more interested in you than they are. Sagittarians have quirky tastes, that show a lot of variety.

If they are interested, they'll let you know by asking you out on more dates.

The Archer is very physical, and some are even athletes.

Sagittarius guys and gals like to be challenged with endurance type tests.

If you're looking for some love tips for a Sagittarius to discover how you can be in a relationship with this particular sign or if you are a Sag and are looking for a relationship, these tips will help!

This gives you an idea of whether you can keep up with their fast pace.

And her personality is also changeable and in motion.

This makes getting to know them tricky at first, since they're quick and aloof, and very non-committal.

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Keep this in mind, since their idea of fun might be more than you can physically handle.

It's good to know that upfront, since it might suggest a mismatch right there.