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10-Jul-2016 12:20

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If we do learn to describe ourselves, we can often forgo self confidence training by being our own confidence guru and simply acknowledging and appreciating our own positive qualities. Scroll down for list of 180 adjectives to help you describe the time, regardless of the situation.It might be helpful to think about who are you when you are on your own, doing your own thing.Without gloating it feels great to know that many apply to me.The modest and wise choice is to select which strengthens my character and cover other words that have similar meanings but aren't as impressionable.

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We all need to learn to describe ourselves in a positive way.

After all, who wants to hire a negative person or even date someone who doesn't think well of themselves?

There will be very few other people who will identify the exact same combination, because we're all different.

From my experience of delivering training programs and seminars on improving confidence and self esteem, whenever participants are asked to state just five of their best qualities, a hushed embarrassment usually fills the room. Conversely, we're all a lot better at listing our faults and failings and can get onto that task without any difficulty.

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It's like most of us haven't even dared to think about the question, "What's good about me?"—if that's you, then it's even more important that you read this and prepare yourself with several apt adjectives. How does it feel to identify your positive qualities? Put some practice into learning how to describe yourself and you will find an increase in self esteem and confidence and probably an improvement in your relationships too!