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13-Mar-2016 15:43

In Houston so far we've been delivering in under 5 minutes so we're pretty excites about that.

Russ: Wow, but you're restricting it to a certain geography right?

Russ interviews the general manager of Uber EATS Houston. My guest today, a former guest on the Busienss Makers Show and former interviewer on The Energy Makers Show, Sarah Groen, who is now the General Manager of Uber EATS; Sarah, welcome back to The Business Makers Show. Sarah: Yeah, so we are doing it in Houston, we launched several weeks ago.

Houston is known as a Foodie city, one where Uber’s ride-sharing service is gaining traction. Still in its infancy, the new food delivery concept will operate in tandem with the Uber ride service. So in Houston we've partnered with some of the best restaurant partners in the city; so partners like Underbelly, Revival Market, Coltivare, Pondicheri and some of your local favorites that you may not have heard of before.

Sarah: No, prices for lunch range anywhere from .00 to .00 and delivery is free so it's pretty affordable for the busy professional who needs lunch in 10 minutes or less.

And how we do that with some of the higher end restaurants is these chefs are really creative – I mean they're artists of their own craft and so what they're doing is they're either finding menu items that work or they're creating new, special menu items that are only on Uber EATS.

Russ: Welcome back to The Business Makers Show, brought to you by Comcast Business, built for business. Russ: Okay and we're talking about doing this right here in Houston, Texas right?

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Russ: Okay, so some of those are kind on the upper end of the restaurant price scale right? Russ: So do I need to have a nice budget for lunch in order to afford Uber EATS?So it really depends on a testing period and all of that and we'll figure it out when we get there, but we'll still be bringing you great food. So when I order do I have to choose the restaurant right then and I only get to order from that restaurant?Russ: So I've kind of always been a fan of restaurant delivery and I've had some good experiences and some bad experiences but it seems to be a rather complex step process that would make it slow in many of my experiences quite frankly, so how fast can you do this?Sarah: So what we do at Uber EATS is we deliver this food in 10 minutes or less.

Sarah: Right, at this point in time we're only available in Montrose, Midtown and Downtown which is a small core in the center of Houston, but we'll be expanding from there.Russ: I'm curious, when you expand – say you expand and eventually you're out in Katy – can I still buy something from Underbelly way out in Katy? One of our promises is that we're also delivering very high quality food so if the restaurant is too far away from your delivery area, we'll be finding new kind of higher quality restaurants in those areas.

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