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Olsen, 29, is best known for playing Michelle Tanner, the youngest sibling in the The wedding reception took place at a private home on 49th Street, between Second and Third avenues.It began with a cocktail party in the home's garden and culminated with a dinner indoors.Sources close to the pair, who have been dating for nearly three years , say that they wanted a quiet ceremony with just a few family members.Mary-Kate, 28, got engaged to dad-of-two Olivier, who at the age of 45 is 17 years her senior on Valentine's Day.

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In 1997, Olivier married Charlotte Bernard, a freelance fashion writer and author of children's books who grew up in Paris They were officially married in Nantucket, but had a second wedding in France, performed by his half-brother, Nicolas as mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine. Mary-Kate and Ashley insist the idea they have had everything handed to them is a ridiculous one, and they are proud to have gone back to college and worked for their careers in fashion.

Mary-Kate told Allure magazine: "I think people looked at us with the perception of 'Oh, you just have everything. "[Strangers assumed we] had enough money to just do nothing - or why would we go to college?