Sav 10 clients not updating

25-Apr-2015 04:40

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Unfortunately, both of these methods require the system to run an exploitable version of firmware, and finding a system like that can be quite a chore, not to mention a substantial expense.Not only that, in order to stay on said exploitable firmware users have to jump through hoops - avoiding constant update nags is just one of the many problems one has to deal with.I couldn't wait to write this piece for all of our users to enjoy!Most flashcarts and backup solutions we deal with everyday are based on some form of software exploit or system vulnerability.Why look for holes in the hardware or software if you can pretend that the device is genuine?

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Running Emu NAND is a good solution here, but Nintendo diligently fights against this practice with each new firmware update, forcing developers to come up with work-arounds for their pesky patches. As far as custom firmware is concerned, at present it's neither very robust nor fully compatible with all backups - huge strides were made since the very first CFW graced our Nintendo handhelds, but it's just yet, no matter how you look at it.Want to play an exciting, brand-new title or access the e Shop? All in all, in a lot of cases running backups can be more trouble than it's worth, especially for users who aren't well-versed in the subject...The Sky3DS+ is the latest addition to this line of hardware.There are many ways of running backups of your favourite games on your N3DS/3DS - some users choose to invest in the famous Gateway 3DS flashcart, others run full-blown custom firmwares.

I've tested the previous two Sky3DS flashcarts and was quite impressed by their ease of use and reliability.As such, I was very excited when the developers reached out to me and offered a review sample of their latest product, the Sky3DS+.