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15-Apr-2015 00:05

It's not a daunting job to backup files from i Phone any more.Add these i Phone sources to your repository list in Cydia. Close Cydia and connect to your i Phone using SSH on your computer. Enter the following commands one at a time in sequence: dpkg --set-selections apt-get dselect-upgrade apt-get update apt-get upgrade rm /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/ 6. Cydia apps that could be reinstalled with your current jailbroken firmware will appear on the home screen.Tweaks and other packages that are compatible and still available on Cydia should also be installed and operating now. So you're looking for some method for how to backup iphone to i Tunes or backup i Phone without i Tunes, in case that you might delete files or loss them accidently.If these are missing the below instructions will not work. Transfer the file from your computer to your i Phone root directory (/).

There are software packages available to help backup Cydia applications installed on your jailbroken i Phone.Both of the options (Pkg Backup and Apt Backup) have their advantages but some users don't want to pay .99 or be dependent on i Tunes to save their list of apps.