Screen updating false

18-Apr-2016 04:36

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A hardware error if yes then what in particulraly like HDD, memory, mother board or Battery is not fine.

The longer you wait to update, the harder it will be. Changes might be made to templates and how data is stored in the database that are more easily managed in increments.

Now I managed to change my e-mail address with apple. I went to the ap store on my IPhone to update the true or false game after I got the message on the apple site that my address has been verified. If your email address isn't working anymore, you'll need to set your apple ID so it points to your valid email address.

I went to the ap store to update the true or false game. the apple id that was given is my old e-mail address that is no longer working.

then I enter my password which I'm sure is the one as I made an ote of every single letter and number of the password. now I am told that the password or apple id is incorrect but it didn't gave me a place to enter my current e-mail address and I am 100 percent certain my apple id or e-mail address with apple is changed. go to the music tab in the i Tunes store app, and keep swiping to the right until you hear Voice Over say Apple ID, followed by an email address that is most likely your old one. double tap on that button and on the next screen, swipe over to the right once and Voice Over will say, view apple ID, button. On the next screen that comes up is the area where you can change your account details i.e. Hi Nicol if still i Tunes is showing your old or previous email account as apple ID on your i OS device.I got a verification e-mail from apple asking me to verify by clicking on the link they gave in an e-mail message from them. and you are facing issues logging using the passcode, there fiew things you can do as the previous post mention above changing on i Tunes app.