Screen updating off

24-May-2016 13:58

The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add. The field is set to Date only on Sharepoint and I have tried to format the date in every way I can think when updating the field but still no luck, I am able to manually copy the data from the excel file to the table without any issues.I'm building a database and by the end of it I want to be able to have multiple users updating on it simultaneously.I would like the number of dots to change every second, so it says in order."updating data.","updating data.","updating data." and then back to "updating data.".However, sometimes I when testing I would like to see the Access error screen.I have got a linked table setup from Access to Sharepoint, on updating the Access table from excel I get the below error message.This is when it is trying to update the date field.Is there any way to turn off either or both of those X's to force him to use my screen closing icons?

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Does Access have a syntax comparable to Excel's Application.Screen Updating = False (or True) In my application I put my report into design mode to make some changes, save it and then reopen it in print preview.