Screenupdating excel performance

19-Nov-2015 00:33

When working with OLE objects remember that it is more efficient to declare the OLE object type explicitly.

Use: Use the With…End Clause when working with Object such as Ranges, Worksheets, Workbooks, Collections etc.

It is not only more efficient but also much easier to read, and simplifies your code.

Calculate: This is because looping through Objects of a Collection is slower.It is not so much the presence of this macro that benefits your performance but the impact of the behavior it requires from you.Option Explicit requires that you declare ALL VARIABLES.Add this option at the very beginning of your VBA project module or class.

This will force you to explicitly declare the types of your variables.

VBA is a dynamic typed language therefore you do not normally have to declare the type of your variable or declare variables in that matter.