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'There couldn’t be someone less like my mum than Charlotte,’ he says with quiet firmness.The occasion was a gala concert being held in the week leading up to what would have been his father’s 70th birthday. Should I catch her or should I cue the end of the song?'It was really difficult,’ Lennon, 35, acknowledges of his multi-faceted organisational role. Because it’s about my mum being the queen of the board. It was a grand piano and it was slippery and they were both in heels. What could happen now, other than something terrible?Kemp Muhl and Lennon met backstage at the Coachella music festival in California six years ago.Their itinerant lifestyles meant that they courted long-distance, via letter and emails.His girlfriend, the model Charlotte Kemp Muhl, picks up the story: 'Gaga was killing it as always and everyone was standing on their feet and screaming. They both started rolling around and singing upside down on top of the piano. At 16 she was reportedly the youngest model to appear on the cover of Harpers & Queen.And Yoko was looking at this and she was like, “Hmm…” She was not to be outdone! She is currently contracted to the make-up brand Maybelline, but dismisses most of her other modelling work – it’s 'depressingly easy’ – and she says she does it only to help pay for her musical adventures.

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Their formative love of the written word bloomed into a musical partnership.Just as John Lennon fell in love with Yoko Ono and they made beautiful – and often singularly self-involved – music together, so Sean Lennon has collaborated with Kemp-Muhl to create beautiful – and occasionally inward-looking – songs. 'My parents are a Catholic Republican military family from Georgia in the south,’ Kemp Muhl says. So his heritage was not exactly a bonus.’ 'Charlotte hadn’t even heard Strawberry Fields Forever when I met her,’ Lennon says. Her parents thought I was just a delinquent, by virtue of association with the famous hippie delinquents.

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