Secret online dating guide of a guru

07-Sep-2015 13:38

Although this may seem like Chris was always a confident person, he claims the opposite is in fact true.

After not feeling confident in himself, he decided to start approaching women and ended up doing this around 30 times a week.

During his five-week course, Chris will meet up with clients for one-to-one sessions as well as for group evenings out where the men have to put their learning into practice.

Each client will approach around five woman in each day session and in the evenings, they will go to a bar for around four hours.

A dating guru who charges men £1,700 for a course on how to flirt has revealed his top tips for approaching women.

Chris Manak runs a five-week course in his native Australia where he helps men break down their fears over talking to women.

With clients such as pilots, actors and models, 35-year-old Chris said his course, called the Manic Workshop, was not just for "loveable losers" and revealed the best way to approach a woman .

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Chris said men should not aim to "win" the woman over, adding: "Don't go in thinking "how can I make this girl fall in love with me? 'Don't be that creepy guy.' But, giving his best tip on how to approach the woman, Chris said: "Say, "excuse me," and give her a moment to register and look at you.

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