Secretory endometrium dating

23-Mar-2015 23:09

The human endometrium undergoes dramatic morphological and functional changes during the menstrual cycle.

However, glandular h CG release is diminished or absent in the dyssynchronous or missing endometrial secretory transformation.

Endogenous endometrial h CG may be important for implantation and maintenance of pregnancy.

We characterized h CG and leukocytes in endometrial specimens by immunohistochemistry.

Proteins present in the supernatant were separated electrophoretically, and molecular h CG isoforms were detected by Western blot.The supernatant h CG concentrations were measured by ELISA.) subunits are expressed and the h CG dimer is produced in normal human cyclic endometrium.Endometrial specimens were collected for histological dating from women undergoing treatment in our division of human reproduction.

Glandular endometrial h CG production is demonstrated immunohistochemically, with an increase toward the late secretory phase vs.the early secretory phase of the normal secretory menstrual cycle.

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