Sedating dogs for airplane travel is consolidating debt bad

21-May-2016 19:24

Strapped snugly into the back seat of a car, your child may see only the back of the seat in front of him, which, relative to his own body, doesn’t seem to be moving. The confusion between what he sees and what he feels makes him feel nauseated.Motioneaze will make your child’s motion sickness feel better fast in just five minutes. You can bring it with you and take it anywhere – no yucky taste, no pills to swallow, no need for water.It gives quick relief even after the symptoms have started, calming her tummies and returning the fun to her day. Just hold your child in your lap and gently massage a drop of Motioneaze behind each earlobe.There is nothing harder than seeing a child not feeling well.Especially on a day that was meant to be fun – traveling, at the amusement park, on the playground or even on the school bus ride home in the afternoon.

Motioneaze works well for both parents and children.

Motion sickness occurs because our brains are programmed to anticipate motion based on what we see.

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