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02-May-2016 07:17

“I fucking win, no going back to crazy town with you.

I stay here in my workshop, and you fucking leave before I call the Avengers.”“Oh Stark,” Loki murmurs, almost affectionately.

It was Tom’s fault, after all, for being so polite and just, well, perfect.

me,” Loki says lowly, a smile like honey slowly spreading its way across his face. Surely you’ve heard of Persephone.”“A cheeseburger isn’t some fucking mystical pomegranate, you smirking lunatic.” It isn’t, it just isn’t. Loki spreads his hands wide, posing like the showman he is.

" he adds, throwing another wrench which is dodged just as easily.

Robert has seen Tom enjoy his role as Loki one time too many...

That is, without getting to worship that pale skin, to claim what he felt was rightfully his.

It’s close enough for the symbolism to bind.”“Ah-hah!

“I think you’ll find that a pomegranate symbolizes the fruit of the dead.Your cheeseburger, made of dead flesh, was topped with fruit.The God of Mischief just smiled back at him, he couldn’t help it, he was so innocently unaware of the tragic loss and it must have been blissful. Or, more accurately, he will not take a risk of his heart.Because love is only useful if the person loves you back, and Loki isn't about to take chances where Anthony is concerned.

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“A tomato is a berry, you ignorant fool.” “Do you not ask your mom anything? I do wish I had taken the time to ask..” Emerald eyes drifted to the sofa, the large cushion that separated him and the Man of Iron, always an arms length away.

” Tony laughed, rubbing his face with a grin that was far too boyish for a man of his age. A friendship that can stand the test of time and a man who adores him for who he is; this is the most valuable thing that Loki possesses and he will not risk it for the world.

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