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Pax‐5 recruits three members of the Ets family of transcription factors: Ets‐1, Fli‐1 and GABPα (with GABPβ1), to assemble ternary complexes on the Combinatorial association of DNA binding proteins is an important mechanism for regulating the expression of tissue‐specific genes in differentiated cells.In many cases, cooperative interactions between two or more proteins are important for establishing higher order complexes with increased affinity for DNA.Due to the conserved nature of the ETS domain, many family members have very similar patterns of sequence recognition.This creates a potential problem for selective activation of target genes when more than one Ets family member is expressed in a single cell.One example of this can be found in developing B cells, involving proteins from the Pax and Ets families of transcription factors.Members of the Pax family of transcription factors are important for the control of tissue specific transcription during many types of cellular differentiation including brain, eye and lymphoid development (1), and are also implicated in oncogenesis (2–5).An inherent flexibility of the paired domain enables Pax proteins to bind sequences comprised of very degenerate nucleotide sequences.

A major target of Pax‐5‐mediated activation is the gene, which encodes the essential transmembrane signaling protein Ig‐α.Pax proteins bind DNA via a highly conserved bipartite structure called the paired domain, which consists of a β‐hairpin/β‐turn and two helix–turn–helix motifs connected by a linker peptide.The paired domain binds DNA sequences comprised of two half‐sites separated by one turn of the DNA helix, with each half‐site being recognized by one of the two paired domain DNA binding motifs (6).To compensate for this, the binding specificity and activity of many Ets family members is regulated through protein–protein interactions with other transcription factors (7–9).

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Ets proteins are a family of transcription factors that control a wide variety of cellular processes including cellular proliferation and differentiation.Ets proteins bind DNA via the ETS domain, a highly conserved winged helix motif shared by all members of the Ets family.