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16-Sep-2015 09:39

This is because j Query was designed for augmentation and has grown incredibly from that simple premise.

But in Angular JS, you must start from the ground up with your architecture in mind.

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The problem is that in most cases that j Query plugin could be rewritten in Angular JS in a fraction of the code, where suddenly everything becomes comprehensible and straightforward.

I've seen many developers here and on the mailing list create these elaborate solutions with j Query plugins of 150 or 200 lines of code that they then glue into Angular JS with a collection of callbacks and s that are confusing and convoluted; but they eventually get it working!Please add details to narrow the answer set or to isolate an issue that can be answered in a few paragraphs.In j Query, you design a page, and then you make it dynamic.Suppose I'm familiar with developing client-side applications in j Query, but now I'd like to start using Angular JS.

Can you describe the paradigm shift that is necessary?

In Angular JS, though, the view is the official record of view-based functionality.

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