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Change the font colour to white so that it's invisible (assuming your backdrop colour is white), and copy that all the way across row 1, above your dates.Imagine trying to fill 150 worksheet cells with unique sequential dates.With cell B1 selected (immediately above the first date), hit the Symbol button on the ribbon.Change the font to Wingdings and double-click the down-arrow symbol towards the bottom of the array of options.Highlight all of the columns that house dates: column B all the way over to the right-hand side. This compares the date in the column in row 2 with today's date.If they're the same as one another, it will highlight the column. The dollar before the "2" serves to always look at the value in row 2, irrespective of the location of the cell you're highlighting.Even if you typed one date per second, it would take you over two minutes to complete the job.

In some situations where freesale season travel products would work, some Tour CMS users prefer the departure functionality as it enables more "micro level" price and availability control.

However, as a result, this often means loading many, many price and date combinations.

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