Serbia sex date

24-Sep-2015 18:53

Upon its debut on the art film circuit, the film received substantial attention for its graphic depictions of rape, necrophilia, and child sexual abuse.The Serbian state investigated the film for crime against sexual morals and crime related to the protection of minors.Filming begins at an orphanage, where Vukmir feeds Miloš instructions through an earpiece given by Vukmir's driver, Raša (Miodrag Krčmarik), while a film crew follows him.

Semi-retired porn star Miloš (Srđan Todorović) lives with his wife, Marija (Jelena Gavrilović), and six-year-old son, Petar (Luka Mijatović).

His brother, Marko (Slobodan Beštić), a corrupt police officer, is attracted to Marija and is jealous of Miloš's sexual prowess.