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Just like the "MN#" numbers, the first number in the serial number stood for the specific year of production. The number 10 was supposed to represent the first year of the second decade in the new millennium. So starting in late 2009, guitars were being produced with the number 10 with a space followed by seven or eight digits.

Each "MZ#" was followed by five or six digits like this. So everything was pretty simple up to this point, right? These new serial numbers didn't actually track the country of origin.

So MN100001 was a Mexican Fender guitar built in 1991-1992.

All of the "MN#" serial numbers are then followed by five or six digits like this.

The number 10 prefix was not recorded in their operations systems.

In the early to mid-1980s Fender realized that labor and shipping costs overseas were being to rise, so Fender decided it would be easier to set up a plant in Ensenada, Mexico. Fender started producing guitars in its 200,000 sq. That is why each number has two years of production.

Due to production times and shipping dates, there is an overlap between each years guitars.

The letter "N" is followed by a number that indicates the specific year of production.

As with all Fender serial numbers, the Mexican Fender serial numbers are inconsistent and change patterns a few times.The Mexican serial numbers start by following the same lettering pattern that American Fender guitar had in the 1990s using the letter "N" to indicate the 1990s.