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We were recently given some very old records dating back to the beginning of FISH Food Bank.The Fish Food Bank Committee has decided it would be great to have someone be our historian using these old records.We looked forward to a week of desert camping, hiking, geology education, fossil hunting, discussions about chronology and theology, and fellowship.In the Mc Carran parking garage we met Mc Larty and Dr.Some of us were retired, while others were active employees of public or denominational entities.Except for Mc Larty, for whom geology has been a lifelong interest, most of us had little geological experience but were eager to learn.

Gerald Bryant, a geology professor at Dixie State University in St. As a sedimentologist and an expert on the Navajo Sandstone, he was the perfect guide to the geology of the area.We loaded our gear into the back of his 4×4 pickup and Mc Larty’s SUV and headed for Red Rock Canyon to meet the rest of our group, who had driven down from the Walla Walla area.