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Residents with an income of less than ,000 will qualify for subsidized or waived fees.Please Note: It is not safe for dogs larger than 30 pounds to be spayed or neutered in the SNYP truck.Raccoons in an urban setting can become quite tame and seem to have little or no fear of humans.

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They generally act disoriented or lethargic, but can become aggressive if cornered. Canine Distemper does not pose a threat to human health.Dogs that have not been vaccinated for distemper can become infected if they come in contact with a raccoon with distemper.The Clinic will be rolling into Neighbourhood Improvement Areas throughout the city to provide spay and neuter services for dogs and cats.Whenever possible, it is best to develop a personal relationship with your own veterinarian, much like it would be with a doctor.

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If residents notice a raccoon displaying abnormal behaviour, they should call 416-338-PAWS.

Residents are not to approach or feed the raccoons.

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