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16-Sep-2015 21:12

LIMA, Peru — Sometimes the most genius ideas are the simplest.

That seems to be the rule in Peru, where they’ve hit upon the perfect way to track down a burgeoning number of illegal garbage dumps: follow the vultures.

Illicitly dumping trash — into a river, over a cliff, or in front of your neighbor’s house — is routine here. That’s where the technology comes in, and the vultures.

Under a new initiative called Gallinazo Avisa, or “Vulture Warns” in English, 10 of Lima’s large population of black vultures have been kitted out with Go Pro cameras and global positioning satellite gear. Check out these photos taken by the vultures of what, for the big birds, are giant lunch counters dotted around the city: In addition to keeping Lima clean, the initiative is aimed at raising awareness about the downside of the country’s addiction to dumping waste wherever people feel like it.

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It also includes a form for citizens to report trash piling up in their neighborhoods.And the environment ministry even contracted a PR firm to put out an epic, doom-laden video (with helpful subtitling in English): It warns: “On one hand, pestilence and disease are hidden among the filth.