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Carly eventually finds out that Jack killed Naomi because of his jealousy of Zeke.Because of a major battle with the MPAA (which originally gave the film an NC-17 rating), the filmmakers were forced to make extensive reshoots before release.These reshoots actually necessitated changing the killer's identity.

She immediately crosses paths with other tenants including the handsome Zeke (William Baldwin).Carly and Zeke soon start meeting quite often; Carly eventually agrees to go to the gym with Zeke, who begins to turn her on by grabbing her hips while exercising.The actual building used in the film is known as Morgan Court, located at 211 Madison Avenue New York, one block west and two blocks south of the fictional address.The building has since become a condominium development. While the movie made use of the building's courtyard, the lobby was a Los Angeles film set.

The film stars Sharon Stone, William Baldwin and Tom Berenger.

According to the movie, the tall and narrow sliver building is located at 113 East 38th Street in Manhattan, placing it at 38th Street and Park Avenue.