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Merged with Marischal College (founded 1593) by act of parliament to form the University of Aberdeen in 1860, explicitly maintaining the precedence of King's College.This is a list of Universities in the United Kingdom by the date of their foundation as universities.

No new universities were successfully founded in the United Kingdom after Edinburgh until the nineteenth century, although the eighteenth century saw the establishment of a number of dissenting academies, medical schools such as St George's (1733) and the London Hospital Medical College (1785), and the Royal Veterinary College (1791).

Federal university with its seat in Manchester, comprising colleges in Manchester (1880 - 1903), Liverpool (1884 - 1903) and Leeds (1887 - 1903).

Former universities with extant successor institutions in the UK are given in italics.

Current successor institute is the University of Manchester Note that the University of Wales and the Victoria University were founded as federal universities incorporating earlier colleges and the University of London was founded as an examination board (becoming a federal university in 1900).

In many cases the supposed date of foundation as a university is open to debate, particularly for the ancient universities.

For the modern (post 1800) universities, the date of achieving university status (by royal charter, act of parliament, order in council, or decision of Companies House) is given.

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